Egyptian Rat Screw

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Picture this: it is a Sunday afternoon and you are bored. What are you going to do? Luckily, there is always a card game to cure that boredom! Egyptian Rat Screw is one such game. But you are alone at home and have no one with which to play the game. Again, lucky for you, you have found this site and do not need any friends, relatives, or other stragglers in order to play. No need to invite over those annoying neighbors in order to play. No need to organize a card game playing night with friends in order to play. You can cure your boredom and pass the time with this quick, card-slapping good time of a game at any time and at any place.

But now the challenge is that you do not know how to play. Here is how it works. The goal is to get all the cards. The deck of cards is shuffled. First, cards are dealt to players face down because players are not permitted to look at the cards while they are being dealt. The entire deck is dealt. Each player will end up with the same number of cards after the cards are all dealt.

Then, decide how many chances the first player has to put down a face card. Now the first person takes the top card off his pile. He puts it in the middle, face up and now everyone can see his card. The game proceeds in a clockwise direction. The next player has a certain number of chances to put down a face card. This player gets four chances for Aces, three for Kings, two for Queens, and one for Jacks. If the player plays a face card within his set number of chances, the play passes on to the next player. If the player does not play the face card within his set number of chances, the previous player takes the pile and continues to play. The most fun part of this game is the slapping. To slap, click on the card. A player should slap when the top cards form a pair (two of the same card). Or, when the top three cards form a triple (three of the same card), a player should slap. When the top three cards form a triple and a player slaps, this player automatically wins the game. A player is permitted to play a card in order to slap. Anyone who is playing can slap. There is no need that it be one's turn in order to slap. So be the first to slap!

This game is fun. Play it and have a good time. This game is addictive. Play it, but you will not end up in the gutter at 6:00 a.m. wondering how you got there (unless you choose to, of course). Again, bonus for you. But do not take my word for it, play it now and see for yourself.

Card Game Body Bottom
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