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The trick-taking card game Piquet originated in France around the 16th century, and is a game for two players.


A pack of 32 cards should be used for this game, this is achieved by the player removing all the cards ranging from two through to six in every suit before the game commences. The scoring of the cards for the game, from lowest rank to highest is as follow: 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A.

Game Play

A game of piquet is comprised of partie of six deals and the dealer alternates per each match or partie.

  1. The dealer for the first round is determined by both players picking a card; the individual with the highest scoring card can choose to be the dealer or elect the other player. The decided dealer, who is known as the Elderhand for this match, deals out twelve cards to themselves and to the other player who is termed the younger hand. The remaining eight cards are placed face down in the centre, this is called the talon.
  2. Once the cards have been dealt, before gameplay moves along, if a player has no court cards then they may declare carte blanche, earning them ten points. The announcement of carte blanche should be affirmed with the quick showing of their cards to their opponent.
  3. After this, the exchange part of the game takes place. Starting with the Elderhand they must exchange a minimum of one to a maximum of five. They place there discarded cards facedown and replenish their hand from the top of the talon deck. After the elderhand as exchanged the younger hand may take its turn, again they must take a minimum of one but there maximum is dependent on the how many Talon cards are left.
  4. Following this stage the declaration stage beginnings. This is essentially both characters comparing their cards and asserting who has the better hand. The elderhand declares first with the younger hand following. This is segregated into three categories:

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