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A game that calls for quick reflexes and is tremendously popular with young children, the basic objective of the game is to acquire all the cards through the task of matching pairs.


This game can be played by a large group of individuals, ranging from a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve.


A standard pack of 52 playing cards are to be used in this game, however, in relation to children some individuals can choose to use cards that have images on them i.e. animals or cars.

Game Play

  1. The chosen Dealer shuffles the 52 card pack, and then deals out the cards one by one until all the cards are gone. The players should keep their dealt cards in a face down pile in front of them.

  2. Beginning from the left of the dealer and moving in a clockwise motion, players should pick the top card of their facedown deck, and place it upright beside their original cards for everyone to see.

  3. After the first player has placed their card then the next does the same, this goes on until, a matching pair is created and when this happens the first to yell out “snap” wins and takes the accumulated pile of cards and subsequently adds it to the bottom of their own pile.

  4. This carries on until an overall winner emerges, which eventuates by a player acquiring the whole 52 deck of cards, via there apt ability to yell out “SNAP.


Card Game Body Bottom
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