Twenty Eight

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A game of Indian origin that holds root in various other trick card games, and name derives from the number of points available to players throughout the game.


The number of players can range from a minimum of three to six, but usually the game is played with four players. With a classic four player game, teams of two are established with each pair facing each other across a table. If you decide to play with more or less players, slight variations occur to the game. For example if you play with three people the eight and sevens are excluded from gameplay, and if you playing with six players, the card six is included which is assigned zero points.


The game is played with a deck of 32 cards out of a standard 52 pack of cards using only the "J, 9, A, 10, K, Q, 9, 10". The remaining cards are taken out before the game commences. The games highest suit is a Jack and a nine, and listed below are the full values of each card in play:

Game Play

  1. With your deck of cards proceed to remove the 2 through to six in all suits, as these won’t be needed for the game.

  2. The dealer then should shuffle the deck of 32 cards, and pass it to their left so the deck can cut if desired. Next the dealer passes out four cards to each individual, one at a time placing the remaining cards to the side to be used later in the game.

  3. After each player has four cards the bidding for the selecting of the trump card begins. Starting with the player on the left of the dealer, and moving in a counter clockwise direction, each player bids for the right to call trump card. Though the player is not just taking into account their four cards they have to take into consideration what their fixed partners could be concealing. The individual immediately right of the dealer starts and has to bid a minimum of 14, the bidding goes around the table, with each player having to bid higher than the preceding bid or choose to pass. The bidding continues until there are a total of three passes in a row resulting in a discernable winner of the auction for trumps.

  4. Once all members have bided for trumps, the highest bidder choose the trump suit, placing it face down on the table so none of the other players can see it for the present moment.

  5. Next an additional four cards are dealt to each player, making their hand to a maximum of eight. Once the bidding winner or their respectable partner has seen their additional four cards they can increase their bid but it has to be at a minimum of 24.

  6. Each player lays a card on the table starting with the left of the dealer and moving in a counter clockwise motion. The person who starts the play is not allowed to lead with the trump suit at this stage. Players must try to follow suit, and the player with the highest played card wins the trick. The person, who wins the trick, subsequently begins the next trick. Wins should be kept track of on a piece of paper.

  7. Players continue to play tricks; until the trump is exposed {see notes on how this is done} once this is carried out the game enters into its second phase.

  8. In the second phase of the game, the trick is won by having the highest trump suit. The game continues until all members’ cards are gone.

  9. With the conclusion of the game, each pair should add up their points, from the tricks that they have won. The bidding team has to have at least as many points as they bided in the beginning of the game, in the situation when they don’t they automatically lose. Additional points can be gained for the winning bidders in relation to their bids:

    If the player bided 19 or less the winning bidder: gains 1 point if successful or loses 2 if they don't reach this bid. If the player bided, 20-24: wins two or on the other hand lose 3 if the bid is not reached If the player bided in the range of 25 or more: they have the capability to pick up 3 points and the added risk of losing a vital 4 points.

  10. First pair to the score of ten wins the game of twenty eight.


If a player is unable to follow suit in the first phase of the game, they have two solutions to this manifestation:

  1. Play any card of any suit, this can't win the trick unless the trump is exposed in this round and their played card turns out to be the trump.

  2. You ask the bidder to expose the hidden trump, the bidder has to abide and adds the trump to their hand, once done the player who asked for the trump to be exposed has to play the trump suit if possible if not they can play any card. The game knows enters into the second phase.

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