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Meaning, one in Spanish, Uno® is a matching card game that is bound to result in a good time.


The number of players is a minimum of two individuals to a maximum of twelve, making it a versatile game in relation to the number of people who want to play.


This game requires a deck of cards that are specifically designed for the game of Uno. In this deck the cards are divided into four colours: red, yellow, green and blue and are also numbered zero through to nine. Furthermore some of the cards have specific actions that need to be followed in gameplay.

These are:

Reverse: when this card is played, it alters the direction of play i.e. if the game was moving in a counter clockwise motion before the reverse card then it would change to a clockwise and vice a versa. In the situation where there are only two people playing, the reverse card will be treated as a skip card and with the next player skipping there turn.

Skip: the next player must skip there turn when this card is played.

Draw two: when this card is used the next player is required to pick up two additional cards.

Wild: this card represents all colours. When placed the player has to state what colour they are using, and the next player has to abide by the colour change except in the circumstance where that player also has a wild card.

Wild draw four: in usage it ultimately mimics the wild card except that the next player has to pick up four cards.

Game Play

  1. First before commencing the game pick a dealer, this is done by each member picking a card from the Uno deck. Player with the highest score wins. The action cards equate to a zero score.

  2. The elected dealer should begin by shuffling the cards and handing out seven cards, one by one, to each player. Place the left over cards face down in the centre, this constitutes the draw pile.

  3. The dealer should then pick up a card from the draw pile and place it face up, this creates the discard pile. If the card that is exposed happens to be an action card then it still has the same effect. That is except for the wild four, if this is exposed then it is put back in the deck and another card is chosen.

  4. Starting from the dealers left, each player places a card on the discard pile. This played card must match the preceding card either in colour, number, and/or word or be a wild card. If the player cannot create any matches then they have to pick up a card from the draw pile. If the picked up card allows the player to now make a match then they can proceed to do so, if they can’t then it is the next persons turn.

  5. This manner of game play continues until a player only has one card left, when this occurs they may call out UNO, and when this card is played the game ends. If the player neglects to say Uno and another player notices, then they can be made to pick up an additional two cards.

  6. Once the game has ended each player counts up their points. This is done by adding all the cards that they have left in their hands, for the individual who yelled out Uno, there points come from the accumulated scores of all the other players. Scoring is determined by number and word:

    • Numbered cards 0-9: This can be taken at face value equating to the number situated on the card.
    • Take two: 20 points
    • Reverse: 20 points
    • Skip: 20 points
    • Wild: 50 points
    • Wild four: 50 points

  7. The first person to reach the set score of 500 officially wins the game.


If the entire draw pile ends up being used, pick up the discard pile, shuffle, and same as at the beginning of the game, place the top card face up. This creates the new draw pile and discards pile.

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